Welcome to Shepparton Optical

We’re an independently-owned and operated optometry practice in Shepparton, Victoria and we’ve been solving vision problems for the Shepparton and Goulburn Valley communities for almost 30 years. A trusted local eye health service provider, our very first patient in 1992 still comes back to see us each year for his annual eye check up.
Caring for the people in our wonderful community and making a difference in their quality of life is what we’re all about. We provide over 4000 eye examinations each year and we’re continuously updating our knowledge and clinical understanding, as well as embracing and adopting new technology in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.


Alan Schmedje is an experienced and highly-skilled optometrist, with over 30 years’ clinical experience. He gained his optometry qualifications at the University of Melbourne, later gaining further qualifications in ocular therapeutics.
Having grown up on a local dairy farm, Alan has a deep respect and understanding of regional life. Although he moved to Melbourne to study, it was with a sense of purpose and completion that he returned to his home town to begin his optical career and care for his local community.
Seriously the loveliest and most helpful staff.

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